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We are an independent company that creates with passion a range of essential oil blends, handmade and 100% natural. Organic aromatherapy for your body & mind..

Our range includes aroma spray / perfume for relaxation, meditation or energy, skincare and natural remedies for headache or muscle pain..



I’ve written about Mr Fox before – I am a huge fan of his products. I use his sprays EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the kids’ rooms, as cologne, on bed sheets and the list goes on. They are 100% organic and he really blends the oils so well – their smell is out of this world... CLICK ON WM LOGO TO SEE THE FULL REVIEW

Well Mamma Dubai


Ladies, today I will tell you about a very creative brand from Dubai - Mr Fox. It is interesting that I learnt about it from my Yoga teacher...



September 2016

“Inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh&t.” Who doesn’t need to do that from time to time? So, when I see this written on a bottle of aromatherapy spray at Dubai’s ARTE market one day, I’m drawn in. On closer examination, I see they are created by ‘Mr. Fox’ (also quite a selling point.) There’s a potion for everything from tackling PMT (‘Lady Fox’ – I needed this one) to boosting energy (‘Kickstarter’), the natural aphrodisiac, ‘Fox Me’ and much more. The creations are natural, quirky and above all, smell really, really good. 




I just love everything about Mr Fox - customer service, ease of order, the smell :) the result - all over winner! Best of all its from DXB! Support local!

@Leandra Meintjes

November 2017

I love these magic potions! "French kiss" is an amazing product that will keep you fresh all day. So is "Siddhartha".. I love the feel of Siddhartha after a shower, it's so refreshing...totally recommend!

@Liza Jibu

September 2017

I love my Mr. Fox '7 Essentials - Rescue Kit' - their smell and healing power is just amazing!! I use them almost every day and they're perfect for travelling!


July 2017

I am taking "Relax Max" as gifts as I use it every night, so want to spread the word!
Love, love the serum "Forever Young", as I love an oil and there are no nasties.
Also appreciate the no testing on animals - yay!

@‪Kathryn Scott

June 2017

The best essential oils are from Mr Fox, as always everything smells incredible!


June 2017

I have Relax Max and it's wonderful! I spray it on pillows before bedtime, or in the bedroom, or on myself. I'm sure there are other ways to use it too.

@‪Vanessa Arnold‬

April 2017

Thank you for your speedy service delivering the anti-aging oil Forever Young. The whole process was great - fast response from you and easy to use delivery service from FETCHR. And of course the product itself is amazing...let's see if I start to look younger.

@Nicole Herzog

April 2017

I have Mr. FOX in my office and patients love it !!! It brings relaxation !!

@‪Malex A-gabriele‬

March 2017

My daughter Mathilda loves the Mini Fox. She has been wearing it every night and she said it helps her sleep. This is just what we need at the moment. Some calm among the craziness!

@Vicky L

March 2017

Yin Yang spray is working its magic.

@Karen Jobson

March 2017

I got all my goods! I already have a good stock of all items I am RICH with Mr. Fox potions. Thank you so much! I am one happy duck with nice smelling teeth and house :)


March 2017

Lady Fox is my all the time perfume and even in the gym studio to freshen things up. Recently discovered your product and love it.

@‪Heather Le Rest‬

February 2017

The whole family used Into The Wild and love it!

I highly recommend this great product from ‪Mr. Fox‬...

@‪Helene Helffer Klein‬

February 2017

I use these oils before each and every one of my psychic or reiki sessions with clients! Love them!

@‪Elizabeth Williams‬

January 2017

Beautiful fragrant products made with care and a little dose quirky magic - lovely!

@Jade Wood

October 2016

I am really enjoying the No Pain No Gain for my arthritic ankles... I am an ex ballet dancer and now teacher!! Seems to be working a treat!!

@Nicola Trotter

November 2016

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the wonderful Relax Max. My husband and I have no idea how we ever slept without it!

@Tonya Berrington

October 2016

I love Mr Fox's oils and the essential properties that aid in different energy levels. Highly recommended.

@Becky Pat

September 2016

I always start and end a day with those magical sprays Lady Fox & Relax Max. I found these at @urbanyogadubai. To be honest I had a doubt when I purchased. But I'm really glad to have it now. It really works and change my mood.


September 2016

Mr.Fox is simply Fantastic! All the products are so natural and they all work well. My n°1 product is the French Kiss and my n°2 is Oh My Beard!


September 2016

I have just discovered the deliciousness of @mrfoxdubai - a natural aromatherapeutic spray made right here in Dubai! I bought the Yin Yang mainly because it smells so awesome, but also because I want to borrow some 'courage and intuition'.


August 2016

I got French Kiss, Bye Bye Migraine and Forever Young, the anti aging oil.

I start using the French Kiss and have to say I LOVE IT! I never felt my mouth fresh like that and with a nice smell and taste to :)

@Abrar Salama

August 2016

Love the products of @mrfoxdubai. Bought Relieve your Pain, the one for menstrual cramps, it worked like magic.


August 2016

I was delighted to find The 7 Essentials this little rescue kit from @mrfoxdubai with everything we need to stay focused and positive.


August 2016

Absolutely looovvvee the Into the Wild spray. Used it in Zimbabwe - and didn't get one bite !! Lucky as I didn't take my malaria medication.


August 2016

❤️ Never travelling without my Relax Max from Mr Fox!!


July 2016

I'm glad that I have my Kickstart from the amazing @mrfoxdubai to zing my senses back to brilliance in a deliciously organic way! Thank you Mr Fox for making such wonderful potions.


July 2016

Started with one...thought I could handle it...before I knew it I was hooked and had the whole collection! The most amazing products that centre me every day. Can't leave the house without one.


May 2016

I have been using the Mr. Fox Bye Bye Migraine for quite sometime and I honestly cannot live without it. Recently ordered Mr. fox's other products too! Got my products delivered within a day!! Thank you Mr. Fox for your magic potions !


May 2016

Mr. Fox products are amazing quality and the combinations are out of this world. My whole family addicted!


May 2016

One of the best organic products of all time !!!!


May 2016

Got this at the Doha mums market, I must say that I'm addicted and loving it !
Great product , I'll for sure get more soon xx Happy new customer

@‪Luna Marie‬

May 2016

We could all use a little bit of self massage love in our life and no better than @mrfoxdubai brand new Magic Oil "No Pain you Gain". Happy to see that it contains anti-inflammatory arnica infused oil and delicious earthy scents of lemon eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and wintergreen. Heaven in a bottle and on the skin!


April 2016

Just the best sprays ever!


April 2016

Bye Bye Migraine works brilliantly and smells amazing too.


March 2016

You just have the most fantastic smelling powerful cures in the awesomest packaging!!

The French Kiss product is just amazing!!! I'm converted!


March 2016

I've been getting through a very dark and cold Canadian winter thanks to Mr. Fox.


March 2016

Let me just say the Bye Bye Migraine totally works! Can't wait to try and review all the others products from @mrfoxdubai.


February 2016

OMG… Bye Bye Migraine is the Best thing ever!!! Kissing my migraines & headaches goodbye forever with @mrfoxdubai aromatherapy remedy!


January 2016

Love love Bye Bye Migraine!! Totally addicted to it!


January 2016

Bought The 7 Essentials from @mrfoxdubai the other day and they are fabulous! Helping to keep me calm and balanced!


December 2015

Mr. Fox products are the BEST. My daughter and I have multiple roller ball scents, sprays and essential oils. I love everything.


December 2015

I just got the Beard Oil for my hubby! He loves it!


December 2015

An amazing small local business with no nasties - @mrfoxdubai is dope !


October 2015

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