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We are an independent company that creates with passion a range of essential oil blends, handmade and 100% natural. Organic aromatherapy for your body & mind..

Our range includes aroma spray / perfume for relaxation, meditation or energy, skincare and natural remedies for headache or muscle pain..

The 7 Essentials - RESCUE KIT

| AED 230.00 | 7 unique and original compositions of essential oils to SET YOUR MOOD !WHO AM I:A RESCUE KIT with 7 Energy roll-on. 100% Natural!WHAT AM I GOOD FOR:Use them every time you feel the need to balance your energy, to enhance your mood, or just to relax. At home or in your workspace, when traveling, before a meeting or an exam, when waking up or before bedtime,...Small and convenient, take them wherever you go, use them whenever you need!Refer to the properties of each to discover how they can help you in your daily life.
  • The energy roll-on are used on specific areas / pressure points :

    on the inner wrists, the neck, the temple, on the solar plexus, along the spine or during a foot massage.