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We are an independent company that creates with passion a range of essential oil blends, handmade and 100% natural. Organic aromatherapy for your body & mind..

Our range includes aroma spray / perfume for relaxation, meditation or energy, skincare and natural remedies for headache or muscle pain..

Because everything we put onto our skin go directly into our circulatory system as if we ate them. Conventional perfumes and cosmetics are made from a cocktail of chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, preservatives,… Most of those are known as contributing factors to cancers, tumors, lymphatic system over toxicity,...

We are proud to say that we go only for ingredients which have been extracted and processed whithout a harmful chemical process. Our aim is to bring harmony and balance, to promote wellbeing to you and your body. Only products that are completely free of toxic synthetics can achieve this.